Pinewood Derby 2008

Sometimes a picture is worth…


6 Responses

  1. Wow. How can you capture three personalities in one photo?

  2. I still can’t stop laughing. Which is ironic, cuz it wasn’t funny at all that night.

  3. Like father, like son? You could seriously transport this photo back roughly 30 years and put you where Teague is and Sam where Asher is and leave DAD EXACTLY THE SAME. Hah!

  4. I’m afraid you’re mistaken. I am smiling in all of my pinewood derby pictures. I took first place all three years. I even have a newspaper clipping somewhere to prove it. I’m pretty sure Sam did well, too.

    Dad? Yes, the same. In fact, I think he’ll be more involved in next year’s entry. I’ve obviously lost my touch. (I probably never had it–it is all Dad.)

    Laura–you missed the best part, though: Dad getting out of his corvette in his scout uniform with his pinewood derby car he built this year. Classic.

  5. But the Asher/Sam switcheroo is accurate right? I’m mostly regarding the expression on Asher’s face.

  6. I just came back across this. Yes, I think Asher and I could be swapped out for the perennial little brother role at any point.

    The funny thing about Dad is he wouldn’t even have to change his clothes, his hair, his glasses…. nothing. You can leave him exactly the same

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