Writer Strike

I can’t believe we’ve survived this long without new TV shows. All this time I thought TV and movies were essential to life. Turns out, nobody has died from a lack of TV watching.


6 Responses

  1. I agree. Not important at all. Although I wonder if the writer strike has anything to do with the recent surge in demand for video game consoles.

    I think the pain is still coming. There were still some episodes of many shows in the bank before the strike, but those will soon run out. The onslaught of new reality programming (Clash of the Choirs?) is yet to descend on our unsuspecting homes.

  2. I sort of agree. When I get into a show I start to feel tied down to it. So it’s nice to gain that sense of freedom. The reality show I’m sitting on the edge of my seat for though is that Mother/Daughter beauty pageant show. Yikes! So all in all, I agree, but get back to me next week when there are no new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

  3. Oh, yeah I forgot to thank you as I should for the normal person post. None of that techie mumbo jumbo.

  4. I’m pretty sure the first casualty will be you, my dear, after I kick your butt! :p

    And I’m with Laura, thanks for the post in English, not Geek.

  5. OH THE HUMANITY! Did anyone catch “CROWNED” ? (the mother/daughter beauty pageant) It was like watching a really bad accident.. I couldn’t not look at it!

  6. That’s cute. You think people actually read my blog.

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