Fishing 1.0

Teague and Asher went on their first fishing trip this weekend. We went to Adam’s Canyon. They did a great job on the long hike into the canyon. Asher managed to get his pants and shoes wet after we had been there for about 2 minutes.

Each of them caught a couple of trout. We didn’t keep any.

This is Asher’s first fish. It was only a little longer than the worm we used to catch it. You might need to zoom in to see it.

Asher’s first fish

Teague and Asher worked together on this one. Teague got to reel it in and hold it for the picture:

Teague’s first fish

We decided to go somewhere without such a long hike next time. Of course, it will have to meet my other criteria: no fee for parking or entrance.

Now I have a blog post that Tina and Laura can understand.


One Response

  1. It seems I didn’t scroll down far enough last time! These posts are so much more enjoyable to read. By the way, I have a blog too now!

    No smart-aleky comments allowed. Oh, wait, that would mean Adam couldn’t ever comment. Okay, Adam and Sam can comment– and I expect it to be totally obnoxious. Thanks.

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