No More Waiting

Am I the only one who spends most of his life waiting? I remember waiting to be done with high school…then college. I also waited for just the right girl to come along so we could be married. I guess I’ve always thought I’d be done waiting someday…then things will start to happen. I’m realizing that waiting a big part of life.

I’ve figured out there are two kinds of waiting:

  1. Waiting for things that I’d like to speed up.
  2. Waiting for things I’d like to slow down.

Waiting for things I’d like to speed up

Right now I’m waiting to be out of debt. I made a plan while back. We’ve stuck to it pretty closely–adjusting it slightly along the way. Now it is just a waiting game. As long as I stick to my day job and keep spending under control, all the bills will be paid and our debt is reduced more and more every two weeks. It all happens automatically. So, I just wait for it to take care of itself and check in from time to time to make sure we’re on track.

I’m also waiting for one of my ideas to make it big. TheBigFork looks promising. Sam and I have always had ideas. We’ve gotten pretty good at executing them, too. Really the only problem is nobody ever notices. Now that the site is launched. I guess I’m waiting for it to be noticed.

Waiting for things I’d like to slow down

At the same time I’d like to speed up certain parts of life, I also want to slow it down. Lately it seems like weeks pass faster than the days did in high school. It worries me that I’m getting older and missing life as it passes by.

Fortunately, there are things like vacations to help slow it down. Next month, Sam and Dad and I are going on a backpacker campout. I’m not sure where we’re going, but it we’ll be gone two nights and parts of three days. I’m sure my Blackberry will be out of range, and books are too heavy for backpacking in to camp. So, what am I going to do with myself all day? I have no idea, but it will probably be a nice, long, no-stress day.

No More Waiting

My resolution for the day? Stop waiting. Take action to speed up certain things. Reserve time to slow things down. How to do it? I haven’t figured that part out yet. Maybe I’ll figure that out tomorrow.


2 Responses

  1. I constantly struggle with this as well. It is hard, but I try to force myself to live in the present- if you have a plan in place for the future, most of the work is done. Just enjoy the ride.

    Easier said than done, I know.

  2. […] just wrote about Waiting.  Things he wants to happen faster, and things he wants to slow down.  It got me thinking about […]

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