Cooking vs. Coding

Jason at 37Signals wrote about giving away your cookbook. This intrigued me for a number of reasons.

I noticed a correlation between geeks and high-quality food over a year ago. This post reinforces the notion that today’s computer geeks appreciate good cooking. (Otherwise, why would Jason and the responders even care to make the analogy?) Many will try their hand at it, too. I sure enjoy it. I have all but one of Bobby Flay’s books and love finding new ways to combine interesting flavors to create powerful new food experiences.

Programming has similarities to cooking. You start with basic building blocks and create something new for others to enjoy (or just for yourself). It is an art, and both seem to take the same kind of thinking to do it well.

In designing TheBigFork, Sam and I talked about Open Source Chefs. It is interesting that somebody else noticed the same thing. Someday we might expand the site with an Open Source Chef arena. For now, though, I think it is best to keep it simple–just like it says in 37Signal’s Getting Real. I hope my fellow geeks out there will enjoy TheBigFork and find it useful.


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