M$ Coffee table

I watched this video from popular mechanics today.

I’m surprised to see something interesting come from Redmond. The idea isn’t anything new, though. It all looks very similar to computers from the movie “The Island”.

If this technology makes it to market, I bet Apple will come out with a whiter, shinier version which will probably cost 5 times as much as the M$ version. And it will never break or need rebooting.

Of course, I will probably build my own using parts from my basement and some superior open source solution and Linux.

I have to run. A coworker is having problems with his G5. Looks like we’ll have to send it in for another costly repair.


Why am I blogging?

I tried to start blogging a while ago, but I wasn’t great at updating it often. I think part of the problem was the format I chose. I was hosting it myself using TikiWiki. I don’t really like TikiWiki. Too many features. Way too many.

I’ve been reading 37Signal’s book “Getting Real“. One of the main points of the book is the notion of removing features. I’m hoping this new format has only the features I need.

Other reason’s I’m choosing WordPress? Sam is using it. (Hosted on one of our servers.) I figured I’d try the hosted version because I plan to write a lot about the projects I’ll be working on. Hopefully, this will help get the word out.

Getting ready to launch TheBigFork

A few months ago, I was planning to have a lunch meeting with my friend, Kenton. We hadn’t decided on a location so I thought I’d try to find a good spot.

Kenton works in Draper. I work in Sandy. In the past, we’ve met up at restaurants just off I-15 at 126th South. Try using the yellow pages or Google to solve the problem. It is a headache. All I wanted was a map of the area with pointers showing where the various restaurants are. Nothing quite works that way.

So, I decided to build it. With help from Sam and Kenton, we should have the site ready for launch this week. Visit www.thebigfork.com to take a look. It isn’t going to create world peace, but I hope others find it useful.

There are 2 concerns I have about it, though.

1. The source of the listings was a little out-dated and incomplete. The site is designed to let users update the core information. I hope users will do it. (The current information is still better than Google local.)

2. Speed. There are almost 500,000 restaurants in the database. There are also tons of tags that have been generated. The database is pretty huge. The site is a little sluggish because of it. I spent time making sure the code is nice and trim, but the database slows it down. I may need to look at getting a beefier server to run mysql.

Other than that, I think the site serves its purpose really well. So, give it a try and let me know what you think.